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Estate Map

Ideally suited to growing Cabernet Sauvignon, our estate is divided into four distinct vineyards, each with its own terroir arising from different soils and microclimates.

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Gravelly Meadow

Gravelly Meadow Soil

Microclimate: Cool/Cooler Elevation: 550 ft Soils: Rocky, stony, porous Aspect: Relatively flat

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Red Rock Terrace

Red Rock Terrace Soil

Microclimate: Warmest Elevation: 530-600 ft Soils: Rocky, red soils; high in iron Aspect: North-facing

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Volcanic Hill

Volcanic Soil

Microclimate: Warm Elevation: 530-610 ft Soils: White, fluffy volcanich ash Aspect: South-facing

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Lake Soil

Microclimate: Cool/coolest Elevation: 600 ft Soils: Rocky, well-drained Aspect: Relatively flat

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